Take Command of Your Supply Chain.

Our all-inclusive supply chain planning platform lets your competitiveness take flight.

Take Command of Your Supply Chain

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The true value of BonEDGE resides in its ability to eliminate data obsolescence from your SCM value chain, but we do so much more. Discover these assets and articles to enrich your supply chain management functions

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The methodology of the BonEDGE system leads to standardizes processes including RFQ & supplier interactions.



Resolve data fragmentation issues & uncover the power of data aggregation. BonEDGE is excel friendly & has intuitive interfaces for data accessibility.



Discover the value of having unparalleled access to your company’s shared data & institutional knowledge.



The BonEDGE system handles large volumes of projects & interactions swiftly & efficiently. Automation APIs are built into the system.


Gain Your Edge.

BonEDGE provides custom portals for both your buyers & suppliers to accelerate your company’s buying experience.

BonEDGE augments your existing systems. All product, quote, & program information for your organization is consolidated, standardized, and securely managed. From initial program planning through steady state supplier management, BonEDGE gives both your Buyers & Suppliers powerful tools for quickly & efficiently updating supply chain information. Take your competitiveness to the next level with enhanced data visibility, precision, and rapid


Developed with Security at the Core.

Developed with Security at the Core
  • Advanced Technology
    When you access the application using a supported browser, Transport Later Security (TLS) technology protects your information using both authentication and encryption, ensuring your date is safe and secure.
  • Extensive Automation
    Configuration management is tightly controlled and extensive automation is employed to minimize human reliance and intervention.


Find Helpful Answers to Common Questions.

The true value of BonEDGE resides in its ability to eliminate data obsolescence from your SCM value chain, but we do so much more. Discover these assets and articles to enrich your supply chain management functions

How do I get my existing data into the BonEDGE platform?

Adding your supplier information and project information is simple! Excel spreadsheet uploads & downloads are available throughout the platform to accommodate your data needs. If you wish to add additional historical information to the platform, our team offers support hours to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to set up your ideal database.

Do I have to ‘wire in’ BonEDGE to my existing systems?

No! BonEDGE is a standalone system and uses standardized excel spreadsheets to transfer data. This means there is no need to customize your existing systems to use the BonEDGE platform.

Can I upgrade my existing Supplier account? How does migration work?

If you already use BonEDGE as a supplier to a current client, moving to use BonEDGE as a buyer to send your own RFQs is easy! Upon upgrading your account, all your quoting content will remain accessible to you and a Buyer portal/view will be added to your experience.

Do you have discounts for BonEDGE?

Yes! We work to create custom plans for each of our clients. This includes volume discounts as well as discounts for nonprofits & educational institutions. Please contact our sales team for more information.

What is the difference between BonEDGE and an ERP system?

BonEDGE specializes in pre-award (i.e. pre-purchase) project planning whereas ERP systems focus on all your supplier interactions down-stream. BonEDGE works alongside your ERP system to provide you with a full-spectrum of data tracking availability to improve your buying process.

My company works with classified data, how does BonEDGE ensure my data is protected?

Offering both the BonEDGE Cloud and Enterprise experience, our team is committed to meeting your company’s precise security needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Find Helpful Answers to Common Questions